Our Story

Maria and Shelbi met nearly a decade ago at a cosmetic acupuncture seminar. During the introduction they learned they were both practicing in Andersonville. Soon after, they decided to see one another for acupuncture. What started as twice-weekly treatments practicing the cosmetic system quickly blossomed into a true friendship. They started hosting workshops with other acupuncturists, studying essential oils, herbs, and supplements. Learning and practicing together made them realize their shared values and call to nurture.

That kismet first meeting was the seed that started Andersonville Acupuncture Studio. The studio started as a physical space for Maria and Shelbi to grow their practice separately. They both longed to practice in a simple, beautiful environment, so they found a shared studio to start their individual practices. However, once the space was established, they noticed it taking on a life and energy of its own. Clients were starting to see the studio as a destination for their healing—and the results were exponentially better than any other setting they had practiced. Was it the oils and supplements? The herbs? Or the ambiance of the new spot? Whatever was happening, it felt bigger than their initial vision.

Maria and Shelbi’s love of simplicity, beauty, and nurturing guided them through every decision they made, including combining forces to let Andersonville Acupuncture Studio be what it was truly meant to be—a place where they could make healing happen together.